Im 23 Years Old And Im In Love With 52 Year Old Man

She’s better off aiming for men who are too old to have another family, just as she does. I’m 56 and athletic and in shape and I so far have never had any problem finding dates. We’ll see if it changes at some point. I just am too hyper-vigilant for red flags so I sabotage things.


I feel generalization is never accurate. Don’t know where the stats are from but I have to disagree with the stats. I.e. men apparently think that if their member does function, they should find a younger woman, either because they are more exciting to be with, or more likely to be interested in sex and not emasculating. In the UK, men of all ages offer serial sexual liaisons, no emotional connection or support.

Know how to play and laugh – where ever you are – that is the secret. Women my age want someone to travel with, someone to hang down at block island or the. They all seem to be going through a mid life crisis or something. I’m so sick of the phrase “live life to the fullest”. Which means they want endless things to do, go out to dinners literally every weekend, and have to be planning or doing something crazy for every waking moment.

How well does the rule reflect scientific evidence for age preferences?

Its just a fact that women over 50 are not that interested in sex, as a rule. I’m currently not ready to date again since my feelings are still very raw. I tried with one woman and then had to break it off because I could tell the relationship was heading to being just sexual and that wasn’t fair to her. I lost my wife and kids, and the house, and half my 401k, and half my income for 10 years, because I was selfish at the beginning of my marriage, not because women used to be different. I am taking responsibility for my actions and accepting that part of the result of being unfaithful, even if it was 23 years ago, is that you will be alone. I’m not going to sit around and be sad but at the same time I’m not going to go out and find the next woman to “fix” me.

I believe a lot of people have a hard wake up call coming in their later lives! I had to go years of being single focusing on other things to realize this. Considering globalization, immigration, the rising 3rd world and how the favouring of boy babies in some cultures has left their population short of women it may even swing the other way for the following generatons.

NO ONE at this age/stage needs to live with someone, forget about his age for a moment. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Stitch support team if you’ve got any questions, we’d be happy to help out. I’m curious as to what percentage of your members have premium membership. I just joined and being able to look at only 3 or so members/day is somewhat limiting! Trying to decide which membership plan to upgrade to. I agree with almost all of this – but the part about the phone?

During this time, Bouvier was briefly engaged to a young stockbroker named John Husted. After only a month of dating, the couple published the announcement in The New York Times in January 1952. After three months, she called off the engagement because she had found him “immature and boring” once she got to know him better. I am a mid 50’s straight male in good physical shape, fully “functional”, strong sex drive, very financially independent, was married for 20+ years and have 2 children from my previous marriage. For most of my life I have had about as many female friends as male friends.

Go to dinner, go to a movie, go to a concert, go to the park, go for a walk on the beach, go play miniature golf, go to a place that has steel drum music and dance, go do something you’ve always wanted to do, etc. If you’re having fun and the person you’re with is having fun you’re more likely to “click”. Women here in your age bracket and mine do so little looking at themselves you can’t even remark on their bad driving habits. 61, I had a nice long marriage and now dating for the last 6 years. Hi Meribast, I like and agree with your message, it’s so true and fitting for most of us in our 50+ years.

Just depends if both sides want it badly enough. Skip……I think at our age there has to be a little more tolerance, acceptance, and compromise in relationships. Nothing will ever be perfect and we all have our horror stories from our past relationships. I just read that article on Huff post. I am a woman of old fashioned values, and although I support women’s equality and the progression of women, I think some have taken it too far to where they no longer value men for what men can offer.

The pair also shared the similarities of Catholicism, writing, enjoying reading and having previously lived abroad. Kennedy was busy running for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts; the relationship grew more serious and he proposed to her after the November election. Bouvier took some time to accept, because she had been assigned to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London for The Washington Times-Herald.

I too was cheated on, by more than one man. I can relate to the pain and betrayal, especially when you’re married. And yes, there often is a substantial loss of friends after a divorce. Something tells me there are millions of men like us. But the dating system is not built for us at this age. Talking about it together is a great step forward.

The First Lady was seated to her husband’s left in the third row of seats in the presidential limousine, with the Governor and his wife seated in front of them. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife followed in another car in the motorcade. In early 1963, Kennedy was again pregnant, which led her to curtail her official duties. She spent most of the summer at a home she and the President had rented on Squaw Island, which was near the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I am 50 and I look at least 10 yrs younger. Nobody I run into can believe it, and I have even passed for 38. With that said, I’d still prefer to date someone around my age.

I’m not looking for someone to take care of me. I am 58 years old and think that the reason many men seek younger woman is that the perception is that as woman get older they have less interest in sex. For us older men who still have a strong sex drive and good functioning equipment that can be frustrating. Woman need emotional connection to stay connected. Men need sexual attention to complete the connection. I am confident that my soul mate is out there.