‘Canceled’ Country Music Superstar Returns, Takes Stage to Raucous Chants of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Video

“Last night we had a show and it was a really good crowd, but you guys are louder already.” The near-deafening crowd erupted as the Dangerous singer settled in… In a self-filmed video released soon after the Jan. 31, 2021, incident in which Wallen was filmed outside his Tennessee home, drunk and referring to a friend by a racial slur, he asked fans not to defend his actions. Subsequent to that, his sole effort to publicly address the situation, a July interview with Michael Strahan of “Good Morning America,” who is Black, was grimly awkward.

Radio and the country industry as a whole also seem to be eager to signal that they’re through with all the drama around their top superstar. Morgan Wallen apologized profusely, https://foxnews.us.com/entertainment/elizabeth-hurley-bikini-pretend-vacation/ donated money to charitable causes, and now it’s time to move on. Wallen, one of country music’s hottest rising stars, apologized in February for using the N-word.

Morgan Wallen’s crowd chants

As someone that is glad he wasn’t “cancelled” for his personal actions, that doesn’t change the fact he still makes shitty bro country. Hardy was in a WWE ring the other night, breaking a gimmicked guitar over the back of some ‘roided-up rassler. I have no idea where this strange cross-promotion will be going, but somehow I don’t see traditional country music having any part in it, given that WWE’s primary demographic target now is urban/suburban teens and 20-somethings. It was Ernest’s duet with Morgan Wallen on the song “Flower Shops” that might’ve set the pace for the most country-sounding single on country radio in 2022, despite it stalling at #18, likely because it sounded so country.

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The dirty little truth behind the Morgan Wallen “N’-word incident has always been that he wasn’t having a racial outburst. He was an artist who’s been outspoken about how he is inspired by hip-hop music quoting a very prolific and commonplace hip-hop lyric. After a video of Wallen using the racial slur was leaked, he was dropped by radio stations and his record contract suspended — but his career didn’t completely take a hit.

  • Similarly, Hardy’s duet with Lainey Wilson called “Wait in the Truck” is supplying country radio with a unsettling story to ponder upon, which again is rather unconventional for the format, however implausible that story might seem to some.
  • Since its inception, the chant has been heard in various different arenas and settings, from collage and professional and college sports stadiums and arenas, to concerts, and even on commercial flights.
  • Wallen, who retreated from the spotlight in 2021 after his rebuke by the music business, has been inching back toward it in recent months, via multiple twisted and potholed roads.
  • The constant need to pile on wallen for any reason whatsoever is silly and petty.

Wallen admitted later that he was “clearly drunk” during the exchange. On ‘Whiskey Riff Raff,’ Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler give an unfiltered and unapologetic take on country music, https://foxnews.us.com/ life, and all the craziness that comes with it. A lifestyle so perfectly captured by the country greats of yesterday, but still alive and well today in artists who truly get it.

Morgan Wallen Crowd at Sold Out at Madison Square Garden show chants “USA”

The jump in sales following Wallen’s use of the n-word came as the industry did its best to chastise him, with streaming platforms pulling his songs from playlists and awards shows deeming him ineligible for prizes. As Wallen, 28, performed during the sold-out show, fans lifted their fists in unison inside the darkened arena and cheered him on, many yelling the anti-Biden chants. During Wallen’s opening act at the show for his “The Dangerous Tour” was special guest HARDY, who took a moment during his set to discuss what was going on in the country, prompting the crowd to launch into a “USA” chant as well. However, chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” only took place during Wallen’s set.

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Getting comfortable, he continued, “I guess I always knew I’d be singing. I started doing that in my parent’s garage on the workout weight bench,” he paused to laugh while adjusting his guitar. “I’d write a song then go in while my momma was cookin’ dinner or something and play it for her. I gotta give my mom credit, she didn’t always tell me I was good, which I appreciated.” Pausing to grin and note, “I got a real good momma, she’ll be here tomorrow night. Wallen reemerged on the stage later that evening during Diplo’s powerful setlist, teaming up to perform “Heartless” for the first time live. The DJ and the award-winning country artist joined forces on the collaboration in 2020.

Before the January incident, Wallen generally avoided presenting his politics in overt ways, unlike some of his genre peers. In 2020, he was booted from performing on “Saturday Night Live” for violating its Covid-19 protocols. His use of the slur echoed the callous and unthinking way in which many white Americans toy with the signifiers of Black culture with no sense of their history. It was glib and, in Wallen’s description of his use of it among friends, a feel-good transgression for private spaces. Even though Wallen was “canceled,” his fans showed massive support for his album and his tour. After a playlist of the Stones, Nugent, Zeppelin and Aerosmith, Wallen hit the stage with his six-piece band wearing a dark T-shirt, white jeans and white cap .

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