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For the best results, channel your inner geek and assign each photo a point based on where your friends ranked it. So if you have 10 photos, the best photo would get 1 point, and the worst 10 points. You don’t want to have all headshots, because that’s boring – not to mention narcissistic. And using all travel or “action” shots will leave her wondering when you’ll have to time to go on a date with her. Think about what that type of photo communicates – you don’t have any friends who can take a picture of you, and you’re not willing to invest more than 15 seconds to make a good impression.

You might be able to dig up platform-specific info on the ideal number of pictures you should have, or even the most successful facial expressions for men and women. One study found that guys come off as more attractive and trustworthyif they have a dog in their profile, which is great news if you’re like me and like looking at pictures of dogs . And if you think I’m picking on the old shirtless mirror self, just know that Bumble banned them in 2016. That’s where VIDA’s team of modern dating experts comes in.

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Even though photos of ladies baring their chompers do better on Hinge, for men, the opposite is true. Soft smiles must be officially “in,” because photos of guys smiling with their teeth out of sight were 43 percent more likely to get liked. If you’re normally not the sporty type, no need to fake it but, according to the Hinge data, photos of people participating in sports performed 75 percent better than the average photo. Turns out you’re a lot hotter when you’re sitting in a Bentley.

On CoffeeMeetsBagel, you have 24 hours to either “like” or “pass” on your match. And if you both “like” each other, the messaging window only lasts for 8 days. On Bumble, only women can send the first message – and you only have 24 hours to respond to it. Another error guys make when sending that all important first message is trying to mirror how women communicate. Keep track of which messages work, and 86 the ones that don’t. In no time, you’ll have an arsenal of can’t fail icebreakers at your disposal.

Bumble makes uploading photos a breeze, but make sure you check out the final result. This can lead to a major let down if she thinks you’re not the hottest guy in the picture. Stay away from most social media filters , as they’ll create a super unnatural look.

In liberal European countries where tradition and romance died, if dating European guys you won’t be walked out home. It is a rare custom, seen only in the countries that are not so industrially developed, where feminism and gender equality aren’t common subjects. In Western Europe, the awareness of equality between sexes is pretty high. A special effort was put into raising women’s rights, proving their capabilities and qualities related to women’s self-growth. On top of the important physical trait ratings for European men, we have also created our own additional rating from the European men we see on Tinder. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

Pick Photos That Feature You And You Alone

And to make things even more complicated, you need to understand what type of women typically use a particular dating app and adjust your profile style accordingly. What turns women on in Tinder could turn them off in Bumble. If you’re a great nature photographer, don’t talk about how great you are.

When you’re in a picture with guys less attractive than you, you look even more attractive by comparison. Studies have shown that women take about 1/10th of a second to form an impression of someone in a photograph. If she has a bad impression of you from the start, she’s not clicking on your profile or responding to your message.

The Secret Behind The Perfect Picture For Your Dating Profile

You’re the captain of the ship, the one in the driver’s seat, the guy making the toast… This means you can improve your Tinder photos in literal minutes without having to take new photos. By following this simple guide, you’ll be able to unlock the raw power of Tinder Loops. But with every new Tinder update, we get closer and closer to using Video in profiles. Use a photo of you doing something that can start a conversation. Dan Lavelle is Chief Communications Director of – the leading online background check platform.

Everyone has hobbies, so pictures of you doing something you enjoy are a great idea. Riding a motorcycle, playing hockey, going for a hike – this is the proverbial “action” shot. If you’re lucky enough to be a guy in his early 20s, good news – you can skip the suit shot – it might actually hurt your chances by making you seem too serious or even uptight. But you can still convey success by choosing a picture of you at a nice club, restaurant, or other “luxurious” surroundings. Most group photos fail on one of those fronts, and it ends up working against you in the long run because it actually lowers your perceived attractiveness. If you’re hiking with a small group of friends, you’d want to be the one leading the way.

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Not only are pictures far more impactful than words, she’s also more apt to believe it’s the truth. And Bumble ups the ante even further by requiring women to send the first message – so you can’t even rely on your great opening lines to start a conversation. Men, for more matches, choose a nice blue or black shirt for at least one photo (but make sure it’s not one with a wild print). Women, you’ll have more success with photos where you look away from the camera.

Even though “swiping” apps like Tinder and Bumble are predominately photo-driven, you still need to have a strong profile. And while it’s not that creative, it does make your profile seem immediately approachable. And it’s another place to prove you are unique, creative, and worth her time. You don’t want to miss a single opportunity to make that impression, so put some thought into it. Steer clear of those boring studio backgrounds – the trick is having pro shots that don’t look like you hired someone to take them. Have the photographer meet you at an interesting outdoor location, preferably several.